A book review with a lot of commentary.

Most doctors do not like decision aids. They rob them of much of their power and prestige. Why go through medical school and accrue a six-figure debt if you’re simply going to use a computer to make diagnoses? [….] It is no secret many doctors despise evidence-based medicine. It is impersonal “cookbook medicine.” It is “dehumanizing,” treating people like statistics. Patients do not like it either. They think less of doctors’ abilities who rely on such aids.

The problem is that it is usually in patients’ best interest to be treated like a “statistic.”

And he talks about why.

It’s unfortunate that getting good healthcare can be at odds with doctors and patients thinking about things in normal human ways.  It does take the humanity out of it; it’s not “normal”.  But seriously: is it worth it to have an intuitively comfortable visit, and make your doctor feel better, at the cost of your getting better healthcare?