I store interesting things up for when I have time to post, but I’m too jaded today to do anything but criticize them.

Finding a single gene causing schizophrenia? May be being misunderstood by the science writer – people have been looking for years and years for a (meaning one single) gene that causes bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc., and it’s much more likely that multiple genes are in play. And the body of the article doesn’t talk about a single gene, just the leader into the article.
ADD is not overdiagnosed. They define “overdiagnosed” as the number of people mistakenly diagnosed with ADD exceeding the number of people who have ADD but no diagnosis. While evidence does suggest it’s underdiagnosed much more often than overdiagnosed, by this definition you could misdiagnose the entire population of several countries with ADD, while failing to diagnose the population of substantially more (let’s say 10) countries with ADD (and failing to diagnose anyone properly at all). I think a lot of people would still be justifiably concerned with overdiagnosis, were that the case. (And I think that’s what a lot of people are thinking of when they mean “overdiagnosis” – how many people don’t have ADD and get diagnosed with it.)

Cardiovascular disease, not suicide, is the #1 killer of the mentally ill. That sounds pretty counterintuitive until you realize that cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the U.S. Although I don’t want to minimize the damage caused by cardiovascular disease, the appropriate comparison here is the ratio of mentally ill with cardiovascular disease to the general population with cardiovascular disease, versus the mentally ill/non-mentally ill ratio for suicide.

Losing 25 to 30 years of life (on average) compared to the general population is still pretty scary, though. I’m not jaded about that. I would think it might be better in countries that don’t require you to have a job with benefits to get good medical insurance, rather than the crappy jobs that many people with severe mental illness get, if they’re able to hold one down at all. But I don’t know that.