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A brief interlude in Dichotomy Week:

Preventive migraine therapy raises quality of life

Was there anyone saying it did not? When you take two medications known to be effective in treating migraines, and you give them to people so that they will have fewer migraines, and then they have fewer migraines, is it noteworthy to report that their quality of life improves? It would be interesting and unexpected if peoples’ quality of life stayed the same despite fewer migraines, or that it dropped, but the people who might argue that (the happiness-stays-the-same-after-you-adjust-to-life-changes emotions researchers) weren’t in the article. (Although, interestingly, peoples’ mild anxiety and mild depression didn’t change in the study…but they don’t go into that.)

The study was probably run with the expectation that the two drugs they looked at would perform differently, but since they didn’t apart from one finding the article doesn’t explain, they tried to make the best of the quality-of-life finding. It’s not a bad finding, their study just isn’t well-presented so as to capture interest and attention, like it would have been if they’d presented something more surprising.