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That phrase keeps showing up in media reports, including the recent ones on Risperdal getting approved for pediatric use. Where are all the non-powerful sweet gentle antipsychotics, huh?

Anyway, John McManamy has a good post on the subject, with both healthy skepticism about anti-antipsychotics movements and healthy skepticism about the reasons that Risperdal is getting approved at this point in time.

It just occurred to me that, on average, anti-psychotics might very well be gentler on bipolar people than antidepressants. But “powerful antidepressants” sounds like a good thing, doesn’t it?

does many unethical things, and needs to be watched closely. That particular opinion of mine got inadvertently left out of my first post during edits, and someone brought it to my attention. Big pharma does unethical things, and that gets said many ways, by many people, in many forms, and sometimes to baby-with-the-bathwater extremes.

It’s enough of a given that reasonable people believe big pharma does unethical things that I don’t plan to talk about that fact, or those things, here much; it’s been done, and it is being done, by people who are much more interested in blogging about big corporations than I am.

I keep myself educated about past and present pharmaceutical scandals, and hope that others do as well.