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I’m glad that bullying is getting national attention.  It seems weird that it has to piggyback on our fears of new technology to do so, though – like the lesson is “new technology is dangerous and we need to protect our children from it” rather than “kids can be mean as fuck and maybe we should pay more attention to that.”

We tend to use technology for the same old human kinds of things.  Staying in touch with each other; hurting each other; scamming each other; etc.  Technology facilitates some ways of doing these things, but the real problem is not kids using technology, it’s abuse and lack of social support for victims.

I was tied up yesterday with helping a friend move, and am going out of town for the weekend and don’t have content prepared yet (and may not have internet access Friday/Saturday). I do have a half-drafted series on culture and mental illness, and one on evolution and mental illnes, which I hope to start posting next week and which I’m excited about.

In lieu of mental-illness-related content, here is another good cause: dealing with emotional abuse in the workplace. Bob Sutton of “The No Asshole Rule” book has some tips on dealing with workplace abusers.