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Since I last posted I’ve spent weeks recovering from graduate school (still not done yet), moved 500 miles and started a job, and spent the last week being upset about the recent church shooting in Tennessee.  I was not there and don’t want to borrow someone’s tragedy in the “my cousin’s sister’s mother goes there and I could have gone and been killed!” sense, but I know some of the people involved and have been worrying enough about everyone there that it hurts.  Not a useful thing to do for anyone including me, but hard to stop.

Anyway.  Here’s an interesting article: What don’t we know about the pharmaceutical industry? A Freakonomics Quorum. From Freakonomics (as you might guess) at the New York Times.

The first and last author describe pharmaceutical  industry practices that I think a lot of people actually do know about.  The other three involve chain pharmacies making huge profits off generics (surprise to me), and market forces and incentives for research and development of new drugs (two authors, both pharmaceutical employees, you might consider reading them nonetheless).